Sunday, October 25, 2009

Week Five - Purpose and Joy

Daily Readings (Being following group session Friday, December 6 / Monday, December 2)


  • Day 1: Esther 8
  • Day 2: I Thessalonians 1
  • Day 3: Luke 6
  • Day 4: Luke 10
  • Day 5: Jeremiah 31
  • Day 6: Read something great about how God's purpose brings crazy joy!

1 comment:

  1. No one posted on this blog?! I'm shocked. But I guess this is my first entry, so what do you say? I guess I forgot. But honestly, what a "Joy" it was to be a part of this. I looked forward to it every week and loved having the journal and study guide. It was very needed in my life at this point. What a huge relief in the midst of everyday life.

    Thank you so much Karen for birthing the idea and to the ladies who helped to lead and for all that participated. I was so sad to miss the last meeting. But so thankful for all that transpired when I was there. Many blessings to you all. - Nicole Wells